Are you what we are looking for? We do recruit!

You probably already know that we don't aim to be number one on the server - or even on horde side. We recognize our limitations as well as what we want from the game - and try to get most of the game within those limitations.

Time limitation means, that we are time crunched*. Time crunched has been defined as follows.

If I could, I'd play at a serious level or above, but due to time constraints I can't. While not in game, I try read everything we can. I research gear, specs and encounters. I maximize our in-game play time by being as efficient as possible; I am only limited by the amount of time I can play because of real-life commitments. I sometimes get misclassified as "casual," whatever the heck that means!

So, we have real life. Sounds nice, eh? Free days to see your friends, to keep up with your social life. To do household work. To have some time for other hobbies, to relax. As said before, no matter our time limitations, we still know what we do, in game. Our goal in guild in the end is PvE raiding, and we intend to keep on focusing mainly on heroic content coupled with some mythic bosses.

We are not looking for people new to the raiding game. Those people don't know how to play in raids - as well skill-wise, but also they are also new to the whole system around raids. Things like preparation, loot, voice communication (be it Ventrilo, Discord or Team Speak), schedules, attendance. People new to PvE raiding would have to learn that it's not just about joining a queue and getting epics, yelling "gogogo" as they go along. Things simply are not that simple and straight forward.

We know our class, we know the spec we play. We study the tactics, we know how other class/spec combinations work. We know others in guild know how to play too, so we can trust each other. We have solid experience from PvE raiding and we know how raid dynamics work. And we expect you to know your part of it all too!

We are not looking for "Everyday Joe". We are looking for those people, who can stand up, who can perform better than average. Who want to learn and develop. Who want to invest time and effort into becoming better player and a team member. Do you have, what it takes?

What we expect of you

  • Be adult, as are we. Behave. We like our reputation - and you would represent us.
  • Know what it means to be in PvE raiding guild.
  • Be interested in the class / spec -combination you play. Be willing to put effort knowing all there is to know about those. Be able to put the theorycraft in use.
  • Be social. We like company, and we hope you like it too.

If you liked what you read, please contact us either in game (any of the people with rank veteran or higher) or on our portal.

We accept also Socials

Don't you have enough time to dedicate yourself to an active raiding team? Do you still want to participate in the social life of a guild where all the members are adults? Do you want to do dungeons - possibly even in challenge modes, scenarios and pet battles together with your guild mates instead of random people?

We have now opened our recruitment for Socials as well. Please see our GUILD RULES for more information and make an application on our forum or just talk to us ingame.


*Not everyone of us plays on that level.